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Brochures Are Still Important

20th July 2016

Brochures Are Not Dead

New media pundits like to observe that print is dead in general; and, in particular, brochures are an antiquated marketing medium. But nine out of 10 businesses use brochures in some form. Approximately 75% still have traditional printed brochures for their products and services, 10% use white paper instead of brochures to communicate product information and 5% have brochures available for download only, but these are not print documents. Only 10% agreed with the statement, “Brochures are old hat and we don’t produce them much anymore.”

What this means is that, more than likely, your competitors have sales brochures. These brochures are used in inquiry fulfillment, and by sales people. Without a solid brochure for your company, product or service, you are at a disadvantage in your inquiry fulfillment and sales efforts.

A well printed Brochure can be the first point of contact for your Company when trying to attract new business and promote existing business.

The design concept is really important for brochures so as to have the maximum impact on your client. A Simple folded leaflet or pamphlet can be used to attract attention to your organization, usually for PR purposes. You can highlight a particular positive impact statement from an evaluation in a brochure.

As the specification of your brochure gets more ‘high end’, there are various finishes that can be added to give certain looks and textures to the touch that can catch a clients imagination.

Brochures can be made in any sizes, colours and page amounts so do not be afraid to go with what you feel is right for your Business and marketplace.

Careful planning and consideration allows the marketing and profile of your company to be represented in a professional manner, before any B2B contact has been made.