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16th January 2014

Magnet marketing is a powerful way to brand your company and promote your products and services to a target audience in high-profile areas. However, magnetic products are often overlooked by small businesses, perhaps because they’re unsure how to use them effectively. The following details are what you need to know to leverage the power of magnets to increase sales this year.

Identify your purpose

Before you can plan your magnet deployment, you first have to define the purpose of your magnet marketing campaign. In most cases, a strategy is implemented to help brand a company, product or services. That being said, it certainly doesn’t hurt to add value to your magnets and pack them with direct-marketing incentives.

More than anything, you should identify what it is you want your customers to do when they see your magnets. The right design and copy can lend specific emotions such as trust, excitement and even credibility to your brand. Your target prospects and your overall purpose determine how you will fit magnets into your marketing strategy, so make sure you spend ample time in this critical planning stage before you offer design and printing for your magnets.

Be useful

Add value to the magnets to make them useful tools for your target audience and you can vastly increase their branding prowess. You might, for example, turn your magnets into mini calendars for desk jockeys or handy conversion charts for highly specialized industries. Or, if you serve the general public, you can print refrigerator magnets with a favorite sports team’s schedule. This information is especially useful if you have a local audience that you want to see your details all of the time, but it also works well for national campaigns when you print for a wider spread audience.

The goal is to make your magnets useful references for your customers, so that they consult them on a weekly or daily basis and ultimately get a good dose of the brand while they’re at it. Repetition is the key to direct-marketing success, and by creating a useful magnet you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of repetition from a single cost-effective print run.

Use them for an offer

One thing most magnets lack is an offer – that powerful pitch that pulls prospects in and turns them into customers. That’s a shame, especially when you’ve crafted a useful magnet that has value to your customers and packs plenty of branding power for your company. You’re already the first name that comes to mind when customers need what you sell, so why not make the deal juicier with an incentive? Probably the best way to add an offer to your magnet marketing strategy is to include a coupon code on each magnet, good for a percentage discount off any order when that code is recited. Not only will your customers be happy to take advantage of your offer, but you’ll also be able to track your return on investment in order to strategically and efficiently deploy magnets in the future.

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