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Reasons you Should Consider Focusing on Sales and Marketing

12th February 2014

In today’s business world, using current sales and marketing strategies can be daunting.

Seeing something as impossible, often has to do with fear. Fear is what keeps us from following up on things or doing things in the first place.  There are all kinds of fear—fear of the unknown and fear of rejection are just two. So here are five reasons to ‘Drive’ you to forget about your fear and take some action with regard to your sales and marketing efforts today.

1.  Your competitors are doing it RIGHT NOW…

There are many companies out there right now, who do what you do and think they can do it better than you. They are telling that story all over your sales area.  In fact, they are telling it to your customers as you read this. Please don’t get outsold because you are complacent or comfortable.

2.  The world is forever changing.

Technology is not only available; it is the preferred method of communication for entire generations of people. While that may seem scary, it is also a fantastic opportunity. You can use technology to communicate with huge groups of people at once very cost-effectively.

3.  Your Clients expect it.

Websites, blogs, and social media presence are all considered MUST HAVES for any business today. Prospects will always look for this now to see all sides of your business.

4.  It’s not as hard as you think it is.

See the quote above—while it’s not exactly a piece of cake, much of social media participation just requires showing up and sharing your knowledge.  Clients of all ages love to interact with you through various means.

5.    It is more than worth it.

Making sales calls, focusing on your target market, developing a multi-touch communications strategy—these will all pay off for you. Communication with existing clients, new clients and potential clients is key in increasing your popularity and cementing your relationship on a one to one basis to not only consolidate, but to grow your sales and marketing.


At Kestrel Printing Limited, we interact on all levels with our clients to offer them the personal service that they have come to expect.

We run our Facebook page on a daily basis, with Twitter and LinkedIn update regularly with information, promotions and offers.  We find we have very good communication with a broad spectrum of clients this way, and it helps to get great feedback as well.

Do not just sit around waiting for ‘Sales’ and ‘Marketing’ strategies to fall into your lap, conquer your FEARS and be proactive…