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Professional Leaflet Printing

5th November 2020

When you receive a Leaflet through your door or through the post, what is your first thought?

Do you take a quick look and then dump it in the nearest available bin? That’s not what we at Kestrel Printing Limited want !!

We want to hook your clients in to read the information, to look at the Images, or to look at the promotion on the paper.

We use the right materials for your business……  There are so many paper grades from a 70gsm material all the way up to a 400gsm card.  You can have Matt coated, Gloss coated, Silk coated, Uncoated …… You can have a Matt laminate or a Gloss Laminate on the sheet ……..  You can have a single OR double sided leaflet …….  You can have it folded ……  The list is endless, but what makes a professionally printed Leaflet.

Firstly, The Company that you use. Kestrel Printing Limited are a registered ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FSC accredited company.   We will only use high quality paper, board and products to manufacture your product.  We will not bulk buy a cheap material to give you a cheap product, as we are all about engaging the end user to read the information on your leaflet.

Secondly, we will advise you every step of the way if you are unsure of your artwork or the printing process.  We can print Digitally or Lithographically, depending upon the number of Leaflets that you require or the specific market that you are aiming towards.

Use a good quality paper, with good quality inks, with a good quality finish, so you can get the maximum benefit out of your product that you have lovingly designed and have paid to have printed.   Use a Printing Company with a professional background.  Use a Printing Company that can deliver what it says.  Use a printing Company that cares about the environment. Use a Printing Company that cares about its employees.  Most importantly , use a Printing Company that cares about you, the Customer, above all else.

At Kestrel Printing Limited we do all of the above.  There is always someone on hand to guide and advise you on your printed product whether you are a one off purchaser or a blue chip company, we will help you in any way we can.

We are very passionate about print and have been doing this for over 47 years so let our professional staff make your Leaflet printing an effortless process.

Please call 01702 444888, email: or visit our leaflet web page at