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How To Find Happiness At Work

29th January 2014

Are you in a good job, in the field that you love?  Do you leave each day feeling less happy with your decision to work there? You don’t hate your job, but was this really what you were hoping for? Do you think, “Is this as good as it’s going to get?” Or “Is this job going to make me happy, or am I going to be stuck doing this forever?”

It is very easy to fall into this trap of plodding along on a daily basis. In the beginning, you might be excited to start something new,but pretty soon you fall into a routine, and then one day you wake up and feel like you are a robot, going through each work day as the one before.

Here are some ways that you can turn the unhappiness around and enjoy your job.

1. Develop a Friend Base

One of the key indicators of happiness is having a good circle of friends.

It can be easy to hate your job when you don’t know your co-workers. It is even easier to keep hating it, if you continue to avoid them.

It is always hard when you start a new Job or position. The first few weeks you are finding your feet, but try and interact with other staff members and make sure you engage in conversation.

I am sure that when you finally break the silence, you will find out that many of your fellow employees are great.

Don’t let another day go by without learning about your co-workers. Friends don’t just fall into people’s laps. You have to make an effort and get to know them. Reach out to your co-workers and be curious about their lives. Two people have never become friends without one of them starting the conversation.

2. Look for opportunities for growth instead of failure.

So often we worry about protecting ourselves at work. We look at situations, not as opportunities to grow, but as a chances to fail. We are against new ideas. The thought that is always in the back of our minds is, “Will this make me look bad?”

The result is that there are probably numerous oppurtunities in front of us that we ignore.

If you feel like you’re always on the defensive on your job, then take a deep breath and look for new things instead. Be happy in the fact that there is always a new project to start in the workplace. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you work, there is always something new that could be done.

Instead of clocking in and settling in to the same routine, take some time to search for new opportunities. Constantly defending yourself is draining for everyone involved. You’ll find it much easier, and pleasant, to look for opportunities to grow instead of trying to protect yourself.

3. Help other members solve problems.

If you are feeling low, there are a few things that can help lift your spirits as much as helping someone else.

Offer to help out colleagues in different areas. As a result, you may learn new things and help to achieve deadlines. After that, the favour will more than likely be reciprocated.

Help someone else solve a problem and you just might solve some of your own.

4. Ask to take on additional things.

Becoming a more important piece of the puzzle is a sure fire way to improve your attitude at work.

It’s easier to feel excited when you know that your opinion counts.Taking on additional responsibilities will make you feel more respected and valued in the workplace.

If you don’t know where to start, ask your manager for suggestions on projects where you can help out.

5. Be brave and ask things.

If you hate something about your job, then have the courage to ask if you can change it.

If you sit around and expect someone else to change your situation, then you’re going to be sitting around for a long time. People are too busy with their own jobs to worry about whether or not you’re happy with your role.

Want to get away from an employee who annoys you? Ask if you can move to a different area. Want to work on a different project? Ask if you can help out with something new. Want a promotion? Ask your boss what you can do to start working towards it. Want a raise? Ask if you can take on more responsibility and prove that you’re worth more.

You can’t be overbearing or nagging, of course, but you’ll be surprised by how easily you can get what you want if you start asking for it.

6. Do things to gain respect

Most of us are happy when people say good things about us. When you do good things for other people, you create happiness for them and set the stage to receive it in return.

For example, compliments are so simple that we often forget about them, but they are so powerful that we should never take them for granted.

If you want to gain the respect of your co-worker, then tell them that. If you want to receive the praise of your boss, then praise him first.

Try spending a day giving out compliments instead of saying bad things about people. Gaining respect and happiness in the workplace is easy when good will is abundant.

Finding happiness is as much about the decisions and actions you take as it is about having good things happen to you. And remember, if you don’t enjoy your Job, change it! Doing the same thing today will create the same results tomorrow. Try some of these strategies and put yourself in a position for happiness.

Final Note

Kestrel Printing Limited tries to make sure that the workplace is free from problems. It is human nature that you cannot get on with everybody that you have NOT choosen to be with. In work place scenarios, you are put into a group of people that are not your choice, unlike your social groups outside of work that are entirely down to you.

Our staff will all interact with each other from Director level all the way through to the print shop. People share responsibilities, it could be from printing colour work, finishing booklets or folders or sweeping the floor. Cutting leaflets and flyers or gluing pads and books. Having a great team can create happiness in the workplace.